Week 2

Week 2 has clearly been a bit overdue. I am getting back into the swing of things and now have an accountability partner as a friend joins the challenge!

Completed Items this week

Day 1: FCC JavaScript catchup (Re-visted JavaScript section, completed Iterate with JavaScript For Loops through Nesting For Loops)

Day 2: Complete JavaScript section. (Iterate with JavaScript While Loops through Invert Regular Expression Matches with JavaScript)

Day 3: Start Object Oriented and Functional Programming (Declare JavaScript Objects as Variables through Make Object Properties Private)

Day 4: Complete Object Oriented and Functional Programming (Iterate over Arrays with .map through Join Strings with .join)

Day 5: Planning for the Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage basic front end development project. General layout idea added in CodePen.io and will continue this work in the next week or two to ensure each userstory is complete and the portfolio doesn’t look like complete garbage.

Day 6: Start Basic Algorithm Scriptiong section. I cleared Reverse a String and Factorialize a Number but the Check for Palindromes challenge and have been tripped up by the palindrome(“_eye”) and palindrome(“0_0 (: /-\ :) 0-0”) requirements/tests. I believe this is difficult for me because they are not palindromes but are supposed to report that they are…

Day 7: Setup GIT to sign commits via keybase.io

Continual work/forward plans

  • I’m still working to get more familiar with the GIT process (GitHub in particular).
  • Create a list of other learning tools I find in this process.
  • Get to Confirm the Ending challenge.
  • Continue Build a Professional Portfolio Webpage development.
  • Keep a running log in GitHub for this weekly post.
Written on February 19, 2017