Week 3

This week has NOT been a great week. I have failed to work each day this week as is expected. I did work a bit extra on Day 1 in anticipation of not working Day three, but I still expected at least an hour on Day 5 and Day 6. I did get past my goal in FCC for the week so I am not completely distraught but it does not bode well for the habbit forming process we want this to generate.

Completed Items this week

Day 1: Completed Find the Longest Word in a String and Title Case a Sentence. Had a bit of trouble looping through my array in the first challenge which took more time than I would have liked on these two items but overall feel good with the trial and error I had to go through. I’ve also found myself looking at different String.prototype options available to complete these tasks which has been the most entertaining part of my programming today.

Day 2: Completed Return Largest Numbers in Arrays and Confirm the Ending. Reached the Goal challenge in FCC this week a bit earlier than expected.

Day 3: Planned Day off

Day 4: Minor work to the Build a Professional Portfolio Webpage.

Day 5: Totally Useless

Day 6: Totally Useless

Day 7: Completed Repeat a string repeat a string.

Continual work/forward plans

  • Get to Confirm the Ending challenge.
  • Continue Build a Professional Portfolio Webpage development.
  • Keep a running log in GitHub for this weekly post.
Written on February 26, 2017