Week 4

Yes, it has been a long time since my last “week” of code. No I am not starting over for the 100th time, even though I should. I am, however, starting something new. I will be joining a 3 week “mini-bootcamp” by Lambda School which started on Monday, Feb 5 2008.

Completed Items this week

Day 1: Lesson 1 starts us off with Git Fundamentals. This was a quick refresher course on some basic terminal commands that would be used most commonly.

Day 2: Lesson 2 brings us to HTML/CSS Fundamentals. General layout for HTML and CSS discussed and a general page created following some guidelines in the ./Lesson2-HTML-CSS/homework/homework-readme.txt file.

Day 3: Lesson 3 introduces Intermediate CSS. This lesson is focused on positioning, display properties, and the introduction to Flexbox. Course work instructions found in ./Lesson3-CSS-Positioning/homework/homework.html.

Day 4: Lesson 4 is a Introduction to JavaScript. Things start to get more fun as we play with some basic manipulation of variables and operators. It is worth noting that both extra credit sites were super fun to go through. I strongly encourgage you to check out codepip and “play” Flexbox Froggy or CSS Grid Garden.

Weekend: New class, new rules. Now I continue Friday - Sunday as “off time” to do any random task(s) that I wish. Ideally some time will be spent with some Javascript research.

Continual work/forward plans

  • Lessons 5-8 of the Lambda School precourse.
  • Tweek personal portfolio items, maybe test out Flexbox in the design?
Written on February 9, 2018