Week Five

Week two of the Lambda School mini code bootcamp. This should be the week that really digs into hands on coding and test driven development. This will be an intermediate JavaScript week full of loops, arrays, objects, classes and prototypes.

Completed Items this week

Day 1: Lesson Five, Javascript II (Control Flow, Comparison Operators, for Loops). The party gets started with a few loops and logical operator use.

Day 2: Lesson Six, Javascript III (for Loops continued, and Arrays). Quick and fun loops with arrays. Iā€™m not certain why array loops are easier for me than dealing with a basic loop but it looks like that continues here!

Day 3: Lesson Seven, Javascript IV (Objects). Introduction to objects, looping through objects, and overall access / modification of objects properties.

Day 4: Lesson Eight Lesson 8: Javascript V (Classes and Prototype). A dive into classes and more actions / uses with Prototypes. This had quick homework but I did trip myself up by forgetting index 0 when working on reverse strings.

Continual work/forward plans

  • Lessons 9-12 of the Lambda School precourse. This should be the close out of the mini-bootcamp.
Written on February 16, 2018