100 Days of Code

I am starting #100DaysOfCode officially on 6/20/2016. This will be based loosely on Alexander Kallaway’s post. The main difference is the first few weeks will focused more on learning and then near the end I hope to have a few simple projects under my belt.


  1. I will spend at least 1 hour a day learning or programing
  2. I will post milestone progress here on GitHub.io
    • Complete subsections of courses
    • Project milestones
  3. I will not skip more than 1 day in a row (we all need an off day right?)
  4. I will spend time in “help” channels to assist others to the best of my ability (minimum of 2 hours a week)

Starting Items

I will be looking at FreeCodeCamp.com’s development certifications to start in the order below.

  1. Front End Development Certification
  2. Back End Development Certification
  3. Data Visualization Certification

I would love to partner with another developer starting around the 60 day mark to start a project or assist on completion of an existing project.

Written on June 20, 2016